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Drill Bits

For wood or concrete drilling, Marathon Drill Bits offerings will meet your drilling needs.

Marathon Drill Bits offer a large variety of styles commonly used in the industry. 

Ordering Information

Part Number DescriptionU/MStd.Pkg. Qty. Applications*
MARDBA3818 Drill Bit, Ship Auger 3/8” x 18”EA 1W
MARDBCB3418 Drill Bit, Carbide Tipped Bellhanger 3/4” x 18” EA1C
MARDBCB3818 Drill Bit, Carbide Tipped Bellhanger 3/8” x 18”EA1C
MARDBCT8412 Drill Bit, Consert #8 x 4-1/2” EA1C
MARDBM111624 Drill Bit, Carbide Tipped Pole 11/16” x 24” EA1C
MARDBSB1454 Drill Bit, Stretch 1/4” x 54”EA1W
MARDBSB3872 Drill Bit, Stretch 3/8” x 72” EA1W
MARDBWB1418 Drill Bit, Wood Bellhanger 1/4” x 18”EA1W
MARDBWB71618 Drill Bit, Wood Bellhanger 7/16” x 18” EA1W
MARDBSS3164 Drill Bit, Slow Spiral 3/16” x 4” EA1C
MARDBMB1218 Drill Bit, Carbide Tipped Bellhanger 1/2” x 18”EA1 C
MARDBAI111617 Drill Bit, Impact Auger 11/16” x 17”EA1W
MARDBWB3818 Drill Bit, Wood Bellhanger 3/8” x 18” EA1W
MARDBSB3854 Drill Bit, Stretch 3/8” x 54” EA1W
MARDBMB1418 Drill Bit, Carbide Tipped Bellhanger 1/4” x 18” EA1C

* W - Wood; C - Concrete

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